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Safety and Security

• Keep glass intact when it is broken
• Slow down smash and grab robberies
• Protect against natural disasters
• Bomb blast mitigation

Safety and security film is designed to keep glass intact in the event it is broken. From smash and grab robberies to natural disasters and bomb explosions, these films keep glass together saving lives and property. While the film keeps the glass together, Dow Corning 995 structural silicone sealant attaches the film and glass to the frame creating a significant barrier. Glass is often the weakest link in any structure, let us change that.


• Frosted
• Gradient
• Textured
• Graphic patterns
• Specialty films

Decorative films offer beautiful privacy solutions for your home or business. There are hundreds of designs to choose from that add an elegant look to your glass. Frosted films diffuse natural light and create privacy while not darkening rooms. Gradient films transition from clear to opaque allowing portions of glass to be hidden while others are still visible. Textured films can replicate expensive glass designs such as stained glass and other textures that you can actually feel.  These films have significantly grown in popularity and the options are practically limitless.

Solar Control

• Reduced heat and utility bills
• Extended life of your AC unit
• A more comfortable environment
• Fade control for furnishings and floorings
• Glare reduction to TV screens and monitors

These window films are designed to reduce the amount of energy (heat) that is coming through your windows. By reducing the amount of heat you will see a number of benefits in your home or business such as lowered utility bills, fade control for furnishings and floorings, and reduced glare on TV screens and monitors. Our professionally installed films offer beautiful clarity and up to 98% infrared heat rejection. Nano technology allows our films to filter 99.9% of the damaging UV rays while still allowing high levels of visible light to pass through into your home or business. This technology also comes with a very neutral, non-reflective look on the outside and does not change the look of your windows.